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Element E - Practical on-road riding

At last - riding on the roads
Lasts approx
2 hours

You will now go out onto to the roads, with a maximum of one other student, to practice everything you have learnt over the past few hours.

You will have to demonstrate that you can ride competently and safely in a variety of road and traffic conditions.

Your training will cover how to cope with a range of hazards and include as many of the following as possible

* Traffic lights
* Roundabouts
* Junctions
* Pedestrian crossings
* Gradients
* Bends
* Obstructions

You must repeat the following exercises (originally practised during element C) but this time in on-road conditions

* carry out the U turn
* manoeuvre satisfactorily
* bring the machine to a stop under full control as in an emergency

At the end of this session you will be assessed.

If you have performed adequately and if you show that you recognise your mistakes and that you are aware of the need to continue practising on your own then you will be given the certificate of completion (DL196).

The CBT certificate validates your provisional licence and must be kept with it and produced when required and at your driving test. It is valid for 2 years. If you lose it your training centre will be able to provide you with a duplicate.

You should also note that CBT does not train a rider to practical test standard, and that in the Department of Transport's view, further training is advisable.

So at this point you will probably be asked if you would like to book for further training to get you ready for your test.

The course will now be formally closed.


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