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The Certificate of Completion
( DL196 )

When you've satisfactorily completed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course you'll be given a "Certificate of Completion of an Approved Training Course for Motor Vehicles in Categories A and P" or DL196 for short.

Category A is for motorcycles, and category P is for mopeds.

The DL196 validates the provisional motorcycle and/or moped entitlement on your driving licence.

With the DL196 and your provisional licence you're now licensed to ride on the road with L plates (D plates in Wales) and to practice for your motorcycle or moped test.

When you attend a motorcycle or moped test present the DL196 to your driving examiner. If you don't take it with you your test will be cancelled and you'll lose your fee.

The certificate has a 2 year life. If you don't pass both your theory and practical tests within that time you'll have to take your CBT again.

The certificate has name, address, driver number (so is not transferable), date of issue and expiry, and an as yet unused field for category restrictions. These are for the future plan to restrict the licence validation part of the CBT to the machine the CBT was taken on in the same way that the full licence already does now.

For instance, if you took CBT on an automatic 50cc moped, that would be all you would be allowed to ride but if you took CBT on a geared 125cc motorcycle, you would be allowed to ride that and anything smaller. So if you wanted to upgrade, while still a learner, from a moped, for example, to a motorcycle, you would have to take CBT again, but this time on a motorcycle. If you wanted to upgrade from an automatic motorcycle to a manually geared motorcycle you would have to take CBT again on a manual bike. But as yet this provision is not in place.

The other details include the instructor's name and certificate number, and the address and reference of the training body.


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