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Course and CBT Prices
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Element A First the eyesight test then a safety talk 30+ mins
Element B Learning the controls of the bike 45+ mins
Element C Learning to ride the bike 2 to 3 hrs
Element D A long but important pre-road brief 45+ mins
Element E Riding on the roads 2 hrs approx

Introduction to CBT

All learner motorcyclists and moped riders must satisfactorily complete CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) before riding on the road. Special exemptions are explained in the law section.

The CBT course covers 5 elements - A, B, C, D and E. These have to be taken in sequence. The whole course takes from 6 to 8 hours but can be spread over 2 or more days if you prefer.

Approved Training Bodies (ATBs) run CBT courses. ATBs have

* Instructors who have passed the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) course
* Sites approved by the DSA for off-road training

Most DSA approved training centres can hire or loan both bikes and helmets.

When you've successfully completed all 5 elements you'll be issued with a Certificate of Completion of training (DL196).

You can now ride on the road on a learner legal motorcycle.

You can also now apply for the DSA motorcycle theory test and, if you pass that, go on to take the practical test.

After CBT there are other courses you can go on to prepare for the test.

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